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Werenbach is all about the universe, space travel and adventure. The idea behind Werenbach was created while jogging in a forest in 2010. This was followed by a journey to the steppe landscapes of Kazakhstan where rockets are launched into space – and in 2013, the first watch. Werenbach was developed because the idea of ‘building a watch from a space rocket’ was stronger than the voice of reason.
Werenbach also produces exclusive small (1-30 pieces) series in Zurich’s old town. The history of its adventurous origins can be read in the novel “Werenbachs Uhr” (currently only in German).

In the meantime, the collection now features 12 models. A particular highlight is the BOOSTER SHELL Edition, as the dial as well as the case is crafted from original rocket material. With each one exhibiting different traces of use, every single watch is one of a kind.
In 2016 WERENBACH brought out the LAUCH SEQUENCER, developed in collaboration with two ESA astronauts. It displays each stage of the Soyuz rocket on its way into orbit and is a useful information instrument for Soyuz pilots.


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