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A life long racing enthusiast, American artist Mark Maholm has been sculpting race cars for more than 25 years. Working almost exclusively in the lost wax cast bronze medium, Maholm has concentrated mainly on reproducing the magnificent Formula One cars from 1967.

With the development of the new 3 liter V-12s and V-8s, the'67 season was one of significant firsts and lasts.
Today, it remains to many as the very pinnacle of sound and pure automotive beauty in F1 racing.
Earthbound only by gravity, and with a considerable increase in power, the still wingless Grand Prix cars of 1967 showcased the skill and courage of their drivers in a manner that is difficult to appreciate by today's standards of aerodynamics and safety.

The ‘67 cars marked a unique period in the history of Formula One and it’s the magically visceral memory of those men and machines that he strives to recapture in his sculptures.


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