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Formerly Known as

Newcast Services Srl

Newcast Services was founded in 2003 and since then it has been a pioneer in the field of additive technologies, in which today is the most effective and versatile reality on the European market. Our vision of rapid prototyping is a universal technology and a versatile tool that has the power to innovate while renewing itself, replacing traditional technologies, which in comparison become less effective or even useless. Our mission is to make RP be the faster, superior and concrete response to R&D issues of sectors with high technological content, to provide the customer with a turnkey solution. The multitude of application fields in which Newcast Services is effective with its solutions is almost unlimited and this is possible thanks to certified raw materials, created and produced in our laboratories, merged with unpublished manufacturing technologies, more a continuous development carried on by a strong team of experts and handcrafters with a wide and deep know-how.


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