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Formerly Known as

Marine Turbine Technologies LLC

Marine Turbine Technologies, LLC (MTT) designed and built the original Y2K Turbine Superbike Motorcycle. The Y2K is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s most expensive production motorcycle and the world’s fastest production motorcycle. Beginning with the original Y2K Superbike at 320 HP, later production models include the Streetfighter, the MTT Super Trike (3-wheeled version) and our new 420 RR (Race Ready) bike. All new bikes feature 420 HP with the latest upgrades. MTT guarantees 402+ KPH (250+ MPH) or your money back.

Aside from motorcycles, MTT has produced turbine powered automobiles, trucks, luxury speed boats, Navy Seal landing craft, turbine outboard engines and a propulsion system for Wing In Ground effect aircraft. Industrial products include 1 MW and 2.5 MW power generation packages, frac equipment, frac blenders, nitrogen pumpers, offshore firefighting pump systems, flood control pump packages and Super Turbine Airboats for coastal remediation and pipeline work.


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