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The LAVA trademark was founded on the principle of cross pollination between the fields of acoustics and precision craft. The output is innovative and forward-looking high-end gear that subtly amplifies the skill of a capable musician.

Lava guitars are shaped after actual physical drops to give some tangible ergonomic enhancement for a player to benefit from. These guitars are made via an exclusive technological process utilising a choice solid piece of wood. Thus every LAVA instrument is molded as a unique sculptural piece with artistic care and vision that has a value to it and adds to your stage presence. Each guitar has a vivid work of art personality compared to conveyor belt replicas. Combined with avante-garde technological know-how it is capable of advancing instinctive originality of even a seasoned instrumentalist.

Lava has invented first laser controlled guitar in the world.
Guitars are made from the finest exotic wood on earth including golden plated details. Aviation grade aluminum alloy sparkles in contrast to matte volcanic rock inlays. All that multiplied by master luthier care and craftsmanship transform the instrument into a collector's piece.


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